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Touchstones Therapies

Visit Llandrindod Wells

This is a beautiful area to relax and unwind in and there are plenty of hotels and guest houses to suit every pocket. This glorious area provides the perfect setting for profound healing and learning on many levels.

Llandrindod Wells is a Victorian spa town that became a fashionable place for taking the waters. Its mineral rich springs drew crowds in its heyday and Rock Park was the centre for this activity. Purpose built for healing, the town adopted Hygeia, the Greek goddess of health as its mascot. In legend she was one of the three healing daughters of Asclepius the Greek healing god. She usually bears a bowl and a sacred snake.

Her portrait holding a healing snake and a wand can still be seen on the town’s welcome signs and in stained glass in the Town Hall. I rather enjoyed an account of 1869 that refers to the original hotel in town gaining a reputation as "a rendezvous chiefly for gamesters and libertines," back in the 1800s! It has since been demolished, but there are plentiful places to stay.

One of the great success stories of the area is the recovery of the red kite population and these magnificent birds are regularly seen flying over the house. You can see the bird being fed en masse along with plenty of buzzards and ravens at the Gigrin Farm feeding centre in nearby Rhayader.