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Touchstones Therapies

Receiving Healing

When you book with me for a healing I will create a treatment session tailored especially for your individual requirements. Using an intuitive approach combined with a depth of knowledge and experience I aim to empower you and rebalance body, mind and spirit.

I am aware that I am only the facilitator for your healing and I will not take responsibility away from you. I use my healing abilities to work for your Highest Good and together we can address those things which block your progress and uncover the talents you bring as your gift to the World.

You remain fully clothed and only need to remove your shoes and outdoor clothing. On your first session a medical history will be taken, and we will discuss your reasons for seeking healing.

After your healing session please be aware that you may need to take things easy. Healing may continue to unfold for several days after the session. Rest and drink plenty of water, as this helps your body clear any energetic debris released in the session.

Click on these links to find out more about the therapies I offer:

Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy, Gem and Colour Essences, Channelled Healing, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Distant Healing

‘Lauren, You have been with me in times of crisis and trauma, in my state of confusion, with me when I have flown the confines of my body and most of all opened me to a world of love and light and healing. I thank you with all my heart for your wisdom and love…Show the world your beautiful light.’ Lin - Rhayader

‘…I did not realise it while I was having treatment from you, but a week after I really felt a change in me with regards to being able to communicate my feelings to people. I find I have come on in leaps and bounds since then and no longer put up with all the things life throws at me, simmering inside!’ Viv - Glasbury-on Wye

Please note that Lauren is not medically qualified and won't try to diagnose. If she picks up on health issues she will advise you to visit your GP. She cannot advise you on your medication or any other medical treatments you are receiving.

Healing and complementary therapies are not intended to replace conventional medicine. You are advised to visit a GP if you are concerned about your health. Healing may be used safely and supportively alongside medical treatment in most cases, however if you are receiving treatment it is wise to ask your GP about healing.

All information provided about therapies on this site is based on Lauren's personal beliefs, opinions and the reported experiences of her clients.