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Touchstones Therapies

The Power of Your Thoughts

There is a well known saying in the healing world, “Where attention flows energy goes.” You nourish every thought with life force energy and so you create your life.

Caroline Myss likens the distribution of life force energy to making monetary investments and I think that is a very helpful analogy. She counsels you to consider where you invest your energy. Do you make investments that earn you positive returns, or do you send your energy into investments that make you a loss and lead you into deficit? When you reflect on this model it can really wake you up. Notice your thoughts. Are you making healthy investments or unhealthy ones? Are you full of energy in the present moment, or you sending your energy back to an unhappy time of your life, or forward into worries for the future? If so you need to unplug those habitual circuits so that you are nourished in the here and now.

Eventually your predominant thinking will catch up with you, either in terms of your physical, emotional, or mental health, or your life circumstances. You need to take responsibility for the creative power of your thoughts. Though you can get help and support in changing your thought patterns no-one else can do it for you.

Changing your thoughts may take some conscious effort. Be vigilant. When you catch yourself stuck in negative thought spirals you need to set up a diversion that takes your thoughts back onto a positive road. Suitable tactics to take your mind out of a negative loop include using affirmations. You could choose to say aloud, “I have power over my own thoughts and I now choose to think only those thoughts that enrich my life,” until the negative loop is broken. You need to be persistent and keep going with conviction as you may be counteracting years of old thought patterning, but you can change, everyone can.

You might like to play some uplifting music that always makes you feel good; something you enjoy singing along with or dancing to. A negative thought spiral will get broken up as you shift your vibration to a more upbeat level. It isn’t possible to move your body joyfully and think negative thoughts all at the same time! This process may feel fake at first, but stick with it as it works.

Think of your mind as a powerful radio that both receives and broadcasts. You decide what you tune into and what you put back out into the world. If you don’t like the programme that’s playing right now you have the power to tune into and transmit something else.

We are all connected and at the moment on Planet Earth the lower frequency ‘transmissions’ are predominant. Most of our ‘terrestrial radio stations’ are devoted to gossip, criticism, envy, greed, complaints, lack, pain and competition. It is easy to be drawn into these low frequencies. In doing so you start to transmit them yourself and so reinforce them. You only have to look at the selection of what is actually reported as newsworthy to see the poisonous effect of this group mentality. Because so many people are joined in habitually receiving and transmitting negativity these broadcasts are very strong right now.

As we move into the New Age the whole Planet needs to shift into the higher frequency broadcasts of love, joy, sharing, generosity, kindness, nurture and respect. At this time remaining tuned into these frequencies takes conscious awareness as the louder negative broadcasts will break through from time to time. Just keep retuning your thoughts back to these higher frequency levels. As we each make the effort to do this it will become easier to receive and stay tuned into channels of loving kindness.

We are all thought transmitters and receivers and every individual affects the whole. I sincerely believe our collective thought patterns will change as enough people make this shift within themselves. You have the power right now to change yourself and the world with your thoughts.

Content copyright © 2010 by Lauren D´Silva. All rights reserved.

This content was written by Lauren D´Silva. If you wish to use this content in any manner, you need written permission. Contact Lauren D'Silva