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Touchstones Therapies

Light behind the Angels:

A Past Life Autobiography

In Light Behind the Angels I invite you to share my journey of self transformation, which shattered the illusions I held about myself, to reveal a deeper truth more extraordinary than I ever dared to imagine. The veils of forgetfulness were torn asunder and I was shown lifetime after lifetime blighted by an ancient curse.

As High Priest and High Priestess in Ancient Egypt Steve and I were plotted against and betrayed, our lives ending in tragedy. Now, thousands of years later we had to find forgiveness, lift the curse and fulfil our sacred contract.

Here's what psychic and astrologer David Wells thought:

"We all feel we have been somewhere before, recognise someone we have just met, feel drawn to share more than we usually do with complete strangers but what causes it and what can we do to explore it further?

In this book Lauren recognises the signs, sees what her soul is attempting to convey to her and stops to listen. Once you make that commitment to your Higher Self doorways open both spiritually and physically. The right people step up at the right time and if you continue to trust your true story will unfold.

This is such a journey, a well documented and enchanting one at that,immerse yourself in a tale of two worlds or perhaps recognise along the way that it is in fact all part of the One....” David Wells


"This is a fascinating read just for the story alone, and women everywhere will be able to relate to Lauren’s desire to find love and fulfillment with an equal partner. She is also wonderfully down to earth, with healthy scepticism running alongside her open-ness to spirit and the multi-dimensional universe. What is important is that through sharing her story we see very clearly the immortality of the soul, how painful experiences can affect that soul if they remain in the unconscious, and how important it is to shine the light of consciousness into those dark areas."

Semele Xerri Read the full review 

Readers' Feedback

You can find out what readers have said on a special readers' feedback page and add your own comments if you wish.

I was captivated by this book, and am re-reading it again. As my husband has just had curses removed by Steve and we are experiencing these incredible changes in himself and in our relationship, I owe this couple our eternal gratitude. To read their story is a privilage, reading how their amazing jouney of dedication to spiritual truth is realised and lives on. Their remarkable bravery is a true testimony of love, light and hope. Annabel 

Image Gallery

Our matching aura photograph and several other pictures wouldn't reproduce well in black and white, so they are shown on the Image Gallery page for your interest.

Matching Auras

The 'butterfly print' effect of putting our aura photographs together was an early sign that Steve and I had not met up through chance. The theme of twins and being equals and opposites became more apparent as our story unfolded.

A Message from my Guides

I asked my guides for a message to leave my readers with. Their channeled guidance was so beautiful and so beneficial for everyone on the planet that I'm sharing it with you here too:

"Let us lift the last veils of deception from you. In the One moment all that has occurred is but a dream and you are the dreamer.

Wave after endless wave. Your troubles are all on the surface. On the waves you will ever be tossed and in turmoil. The surface only is disturbed, the deeps are still and quiet. Dive beneath the surface of yourself now and connect with the changeless depths of you. There you will find the treasure, the pearls, not tossed around on the wave tops. The pearl is hidden deep within and to reach it you must dive into your innermost being and not be distracted by the surface drama.

Such supreme beauty awaits mankind when he awakes from his dream of himself and looks to the treasure of his soul. You must go deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the eternal you. It is the only journey worth taking and its price is forgiveness, forgiveness of others, but especially of yourself. For who can blame the dreamer for their actions? It is only when you are truly awake that you can take full responsibility for what befalls you, for now your eyes are opened and you can see."