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Touchstones Therapies


I qualified in Hypnosis with the Past Life Regression Academy. When you book your session I'll spend some time talking to you about your issues and any goals you wish to achieve.

I relax you into a light trance state and create a hypnotic experience which gives your subconscious mind new positive messages. Most people find hypnosis is a comfortable and enjoyable experience and feel refreshed and relaxed upon awakening from trance. Your tailor made hypnosis session will be recorded so that you can continue to work with the positive suggestions at home.

Hypnosis is a versatile and useful therapeutic tool. It can help with anything that your mind has some effect upon; as the mind is so powerful that includes most of your life experience! Hypnosis directly addresses the subconscious mind and this is why it has the potential for lasting change.

Issues which can be successfully treated with hypnosis include phobias, anxiety, low self confidence, fear of public speaking, insomnia, panic attacks and exam nerves. The mind-body connection is now well established in relation to health. People who are anxious or stressed are prone to ailments such as IBS which in the past may have been labelled in a dismissive way as ‘psychosomatic’. These illnesses may start in the mind but the physical symptoms cause genuine discomfort and distress for the sufferer. Where the cause lies in the mind that is where the cure will be found. Many people find their chronic illnesses are noticeably worse when stressed, so for example asthma and eczema sufferers may also benefit from hypnosis.

Hypnosis can provide immense support in changing old unhelpful habits. Trying to use the willpower of the conscious mind to change a habit rooted in the subconscious is doomed to failure. It is only when the subconscious belief is brought into agreement with the conscious intention that real change will be made. Hypnosis enlists the power of your subconscious mind to align with and support your goal.