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Touchstones Therapies


Here are some extracts from the title chapter recounting the first time my partner Steve trance channelled. We had just had a row, yes, even spiritual people have arguments sometimes!

'I flounced off feeling utterly self-righteous and went to sit at

the computer. Our roles were reversed; this time it was Steve looking

stunned and nonplussed at the kitchen table. Good! A few minutes

later he followed me into the room, looking at me with teary eyes,

shaking a little.

Looking at him trembling before me, seeing his soul appear

vulnerable and meek from under the thick layers of bravado, my anger

towards him evaporated. Something made me say, “Sit down, your

guide wants to come through you.” Obediently he sat opposite me

and within moments he started to channel.

I grabbed pen and paper.

This was true trance channelling. I felt Steve was still

somewhere in the background, but I was face to face with someone, or

something, else and whoever or whatever it was, it was powerful.

I didn’t know if I wanted to communicate with this guide,

especially as the first comment it made directly to me was, “You have to

use your dark side.”

I replied emphatically, “I won’t do that!” and was ready to

banish the being and bring Steve straight back to the fore when he

replied, “You answer well, but you need to know what is there.”

He invited me to ask questions. I was totally unprepared for

this, neither of us could have predicted it was about to happen. I asked

why he was speaking to me.

“You are one of us. Before Egypt you were of the Holy Order. Go back to

the Bright Light. You were there. He is one of us too. He listens better than you.

We are beings of gold and blue light. Not as humans see and paint angels,

we are the Light behind the angels. We are the Chosen Ones.”

Again I toyed with sending the being away. The phrase ‘the

chosen ones’ made me uncomfortable. It has been used by man as an

excuse to dominate others. It smacked of white supremacists and

fascism. I let the being continue but decided I would be the judge of

what had come through for myself.

“You will do new healing, but it is old healing already in you, although it

will feel like a revelation. You must go back and remember...

...2008 will be your golden year. Use the opportunities. You must discern.

You will need to look after your power wisely as you will have much power.”

My audience was at an end. Steve came back to the fore

completely unaware of what had passed. He was tired and needed to

lie down and rest. He also had a case of the shakes, trembling all over.

Later when Steve had recovered I asked him to go back into

trance. I wanted to know more about this guide. Who was he, what

was his role? We hadn’t been prepared before, but now I had my

questions ready. Steve sat down, took off his glasses and quickly

slipped into a trance state.

“I have never incarnated. It is my work to look after the Chosen Ones, to

help. It can be frustrating as it is the nature of humankind to listen to only what they

hear. They do not listen to what they know.

It is through your human emotions of sorrow, hurt and suffering that we

may most easily make contact. To those of us who have stayed behind human

emotions are not understood. We feel only what you call love.

Some of us chose to incarnate with humans, while some stayed behind. It

was thought to be radical. The purity would be lost once in human form. We are not

subject to karma and at the end of each human life we have the choice to return to

the Light. The emotion of happiness stops you from hearing. Once we have your

attention you can remember and we can communicate.

We of old can help you of new remember.

You will help those humans that have the wisdom to seek you out.

In each life you are born with knowledge but the older you become in human

terms the less you know. You have forgotten, but there comes a time in your human

life when you are awakened. I cannot make you listen, but I can help and that is

what I am here for.”

Steve came back to the fore, again with no recollection of

what was said. It was almost as if he wasn’t there at all. I was

impressed by how readily he trance channelled. I’ve never let go of my

sense of self enough to channel like this. I can channel guidance by

sitting with a notebook and pen and allowing the words to flow

through me, but I’m still aware that I’m me, just taking a ‘back seat’ in

my mind.

Next morning, Steve casually wandered into the kitchen

rubbing his hair dry with a towel. “What’s El-o-heem?” The word had

come to him while he’d been in the shower; this being was

‘El-o-heem’. It meant nothing to him, but I knew the word from

somewhere. I knew it was something from the Old Testament,

something to do with Judaism and that these were very high and

powerful beings indeed. So high it scared me.

This was all too much to take in. The El-o-heem claimed we

were of the same order but incarnated? If that was the truth it would

take some getting used to and it really needed questioning. Could this

be some elaborate ruse to inflate our egos and mislead us?

Researching El-o-heem on the internet we found references

to the Elohim as creator gods. Just as the guide had claimed they were

placed somewhere between the angels and the Divine Source.

Later that day I encouraged Steve to channel again. I felt we

had to get to the truth.

“After Atlantis fell the keys to healing were split up and sent around the

world. To work fully they need to be together again. They are held by the leaders of

the religions of the world. They won’t give up their keys and join them with the others.

They are none of them wrong, but none of them right.

When man has the wisdom to join the keys together the Earth will be at

last as it was intended to be at its Creation.” '

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