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Touchstones Therapies

Distant Healing

I work with clients worldwide. I work with you via Zoom and we may work through your issues during the call. I can also set up healing for you which may stay in place for several days.

Healing can be sent over any distance to anyone. The energy is received by the client almost instantaneously. Many people actually notice they are receiving the healing, you might experience some tingling, warmth, or waves of energy for example. Even if you don't physically feel the energy the healing will reach you.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.

If you would like to receive distant healing from me attach a recent photograph of yourself with your email enquiry.

Please note that ethically I can only send healing to the person requesting it. Exceptions are for children, when a parent or guardian can give permission and when someone is unable to give their assent, for example in a coma, in which case the closest relative may ask for help on their behalf.

If you feel you have a problem with an entity or spirit attachment you may like to visit my husband Steve Deeks-D'Silva's Entity Removal Site for specialist help and advice. I can work with you after you have been cleared to help you build your energies back up again.

'I want to say such a big thank you to you! I feel a tremendous shift in energy levels since last week- I no longer feel I am just dragging myself through the face looks different when I look in the mirror- eyes, skin colour, hair.'

'I've a general feeling of being stronger, having more space and light in my aura, body and heart. Just after talking to you last Wednesday and the next day when you " stopped the old record playing" I had a wonderful feeling of being lighter and brighter around the face and head area.'

'The weird state which began after those nightmarish sessions with the counsellor in 2005 has totally disappeared. I've begun to feel and be myself which is just fantastic after all that time!

S. K. Cambridge

All information provided about therapies on this site is based on Lauren's personal beliefs, opinions and the reported experiences of her clients.