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Touchstones Therapies

Crystal Healing

Crystals play a central role in my therapy sessions. I find they are catalysts for profound change and are excellent allies for those interested in spiritual development, as well as for those looking for help with existing physical, mental or emotional conditions.

People experience Crystal Healing in different ways. Most find it an extremely relaxing and enjoyable experience. Many people see colours, others feel the sensations of energy moving around the body, others may drift off into a dream like state.

I have crystals available to purchase and can advise you on the best crystals to support your well-being and their use. After the healing session be aware that you may need to take things easy.

"Many moons ago I was the kind of person that would view the ability of crystals as a pile of hippy tosh! I had been given a couple of crystals over time from some well meaning friends and in all honesty never placed much feeling on them. However one day rearranging my home I picked up a quartz crystal simply to move it and whilst in my hand a surge through my body of the most miraculous feeling occurred- I would describe it to be like a receiving of a vast energy and absolute euphoria. Of course this broadened my outlook and somewhat changed my view.

A number of years after this experience Lauren D'Silva entered my life. Most of us feel the need to reach out to someone for help or guidance to fix our bodies and minds; Doctors, Osteopaths, Counsellors etc etc. Whilst holding all these professional people in high regards it does not compare to how I personally rate the outcome and success of a crystal healing. For me Lauren is a linking anchor that re-connects me to myself.

Even in the midst of grief stricken pain she puts the spark back into my life and body and I feel at home within it all again; you know that 'goose with the golden egg' feeling. Sometimes I wonder if Lauren knows the complete power if what works through her lovely humble being."

Marie, Mid Wales

All information provided about therapies on this site is based on Lauren's personal beliefs, opinions and the reported experiences of her clients.