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Touchstones Therapies

Monthly Payment Plans for

Touchstones Crystal Courses

Each 5 day course costs £400: £400 for the Foundation level, £400 for the Certificate level and £400 x 2 for the Diploma level which is split into two 5 day blocks.

If you would like to budget you can spread the cost of your course over four monthly payments of £100 providing the start of your course is at least 5 months away. If you have at least 9 months until your course begins you can pay 8 instalments of £50.

All course fees have to be paid in full one month before the start of the course. Before subscribing to either payment plan you should have sent in your course application and been accepted.

Monthly Course Payment
Number of payments 4
Start payments
At checkout£100.00 GBP
Every 1 month (x 3)£100.00 GBP
Total £400.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Monthly Course Payment Instalments

Number of payments 8

At checkout £50

Every month (x7) £50

Total £400

All payments must be completed before the start of your course.