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Touchstones Therapies

Bird Spirit Healing:

A Wing and a Prayer

Free your mind, let your spirit soar!

Explore the liberating energies of the bird kingdom.This course is for those ready to take a personal journey for profound healing, insight and transformation.

Since ancient times birds have been recognised as a connection to the realms of Spirit and seen as messengers of the Divine. Connect with your winged allies and receive guidance for deepening this connection as you journey through life.

On these enlightening workshop days you will begin to explore the personal healing potential of the bird kingdom through story, visualisation, shamanic journeying and movement.

The course is available in two parts which can stand alone, but they work best taken together.

Single days £65 each or take both days together for £120. This course is available mid week for two or more participants or for larger groups at weekends.

"All activities were really enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed the trance dance and the phoenix actually was very liberating, but all was great! An enlightening experience, included far more than I thought it was going to. I really recommend this weekend!"

"A lovely comprehensive introduction to the world of bird energies and I came along knowing next to nothing but left with inspiration and enough knowledge to get more involved. The group was a good mix and the energy was lovely. The subject matter was delivered in a fun way and involved plenty of practical tasks which lifted the spirit."

£15 per day, per participant on this course will be donated by Touchstones Therapies to the RSPB's campaign to save the amazingly diverse and precious Sumatran rainforest, home to some very rare birds. It only costs £28 to protect a whole acre, so taking the two day course will do this. Read more about the campaign here