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Touchstones Therapies

Articles by Lauren D'Silva

I was the New Age Editor for Bellaonline for almost a decade and I've written hundreds of articles. My writing has also been published in a variety of print and online magazines over the years. Here is a small selection of my writing. I can be commissioned to write pieces for magazines and websites. Please enquire.

Trusting Your Intuition

What is intuition? Literally it is tuition that comes from within! We each have the ability to ‘intuit’ the right response for ourselves in any given situation, providing we take notice of our own inner guidance. We are used to looking outside of ourselves for answers, especially in this Information Age. We search for pearls of wisdom on the internet, refer to books, ask our friends, defer to our teachers, yet we forget that we have our own ‘onboard’ source of guidance which we can hone to be a trustworthy compass through life. Read more

Taking Your Power Back

Do you give your power away? It is a habit that leaves you feeling insecure and unable to run your own life without deference to others. Many people find it difficult to stand firmly in their own power. They have got used to soliciting opinions, checking their decisions and they feel they can’t take a step without another’s approval. It isn’t a nice place to be as it is full of self doubt and anxiety. I remember being like this myself in my twenties and I spent my thirties transforming my self belief and self reliance, so if you recognise the symptoms don’t despair, you can change and you can own your power. Read more

What is Enlightenment?

Is Enlightenment a goal or a process? I believe it is both. To walk a path of enlightenment is to listen to the true calling of your soul to reveal itself in all of its divine glory. Enlightenment has to be consciously engaged with as a real process of personal transformation. This is the true goal of the Alchemist, not to turn base metal into gold, but to burn away the accumulated dross that we all carry in order to reveal something much more precious; our pure essence. In the process of becoming enlightened you become lighter, less energetically dense and more filled with light. Read more

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude has a very high vibration and a power to uplift us. Giving thanks for what we have received is integral to many religions, and there are rituals designed to remind us of the power of gratitude; saying Grace at meal times or celebrating the harvest for example. You don’t need to be part of any organised religion to start using gratitude to transform your thought patterns and your life. Read more

Handfasting Ceremonies

Handfasting ceremonies are the origin of the term to ‘tie the knot’ as when Handfasted the couple’s wrists are tied together with ribbons. The night before our own Handfasting we slept with our own ribbons beneath our pillows, then during the ceremony we were ritually tied together and at the end of the ceremony we gave our ribbons for each other’s safekeeping. That night we slept with each other’s ribbon under our pillows. Read more

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