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Touchstones Therapies


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Detaching from Drama

Posted on April 17, 2014 at 10:27 AM Comments comments (0)
Some powerful astrological alignments have stirred up issues for people this week. Remember they are only coming to the surface to be cleared. Here are some strategies I use to maintain my equilibrium at challenging times:

When we are stressed our breathing becomes faster and shallower. This is all part of the body’s automatic fight or flight response. Most modern conflicts are not physical, they are verbal, and so you will neither be physically fighting someone nor running away. If you are stuck in fight or fight mode you cannot think rationally. Rarely are our dramas life or death situations, therefore we need to calm down in order to respond wisely. Breathing slowly and deeply is one of the quickest ways to calm yourself as your breathing directly affects your brainwaves. Take a few minutes out just to focus on your breath and you will feel calmer.

Don’t deny your emotions
If you are angry be angry, if you are sad then cry. Emotions do not harm us if we acknowledge them, allow them to be felt and to flow through us. When we repress them, attach to them, or fling them at other people then they can be damaging! 

Take some exercise
Going for a walk or doing some other exercise can take the edge off strong emotions and the physical activity will help you use up any adrenaline that was released if you found yourself in fight or flight mode. 

Remember that this too will pass
No drama lasts forever, therefore you can get through this. Look back over your life and you will probably see there were some times in which it felt your life was falling apart and yet you came through. 

Talk to a true friend
We all need a trusted friend or two who can put things in their proper perspective and keep your discussion confidential. Choose carefully, you do not need a friend who will jump into the drama with you and amplify it, nor one who will gossip! My wise friends invariably calm me and help me find the humour in any situation, which always releases stress. Of course I play a similar role for some of my friends and they feel much better after talking to me too!

Take time out
To get a proper perspective it is often necessary to put an emotionally charged situation aside for a while and do something else. You might immerse yourself in another project or activity for an hour or two, or go out and do something fun. When you come back to the issue you can look at it with fresh eyes. In an argument where someone is pressuring you to respond it is okay to say, “I need some time to think about this, I’ll get back to you.”

Sleep on it
Things often feel different in the morning. Rather than making impulsive knee-jerk responses sleep on the issue. In the morning you will probably be able to see the way forward and you may also receive guidance through your dreams.

Set your intention for the Highest Good
In a conflict situation everyone tends to take sides or have agendas, this of course is how wars start! If you set your intention to the Highest Good you will probably be guided to act in a way that is truly beneficial.

Remember who you really are
You are an eternal being with no beginning and no ending. As such you are not defined by the roles you play in this lifetime. When you connect to your eternal essence you’ll find you can rise above the drama. Detaching in this way does not mean you don’t care, it means you are not sucked into the maelstrom of events and allows you to see the greater picture.

Drop into inner peace
Although there may be all kinds of surface drama you can still access a well of inner peace. Meditation is a wonderful aid to finding that still space within. Just sitting quietly and breathing will help you drop out of the drama. When you come back to the situation you may feel inspired to act in a wiser way.

Here is a message I channelled for my book, Light behind the Angels:

Let us lift the last veils of deception from you. 
In the One moment all that has occurred is but a dream and you are the dreamer.

Wave after endless wave. Your troubles are all on the surface. 
On the waves you will ever be tossed and in turmoil. 
The surface only is disturbed, the deeps are still and quiet. 
Dive beneath the surface of yourself now and connect with the changeless depths of you. 
There you will find the treasure, the pearls, not tossed around on the wave tops. 
The pearl is hidden deep within and to reach it you must dive into your innermost being 
And not be distracted by the surface drama.

Top Five Crystals for Healing the Heart

Posted on March 24, 2014 at 2:08 PM Comments comments (0)
Here's my latest article on Crystal Healing available as a PDF download for you.

Using the Colour Red in Healing

Posted on July 31, 2012 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (0)
My latest article for Bellaonline is about using the colour red in healing. Some spiritual types turn their noses up at red, yet the Ruby Ray carries the energy of the Christ...that's pretty spiritual!

Here's the article, color is spelt that way deliberately as Bellaonline is an American owned site:

Red is the warmest color in the spectrum. It is of immense use when we need energy and vitality, passion and the drive to make things happen.

Red corresponds to the base chakra, which is the chakra that keeps us firmly rooted onto Planet Earth. It is a very physical color. If you’ve been too focused on ethereal matters a healthy dose of red will remind you that you have a physical presence on the Earth. It can bring your attention back to the here and now.

Some spiritual people shun red as a ‘lower energy’, yet the Ruby Ray is associated with the Christ energy. Red is the color of making intentions manifest down here on Earth; it is a powerful force. Few would deny the passion Jesus brought to his work on the Earth plane, or claim he wasn’t spiritual enough!

Red is linked strongly with romance. Witness how much red merchandise appears around Valentine’s Day! Red roses are symbolic of love. We do however have some cultural double standards around sexuality which can be seen in our use of the color red in our language. Being described as a ‘red blooded man’ denotes virility and prowess, whereas to be labelled a ‘scarlet woman’ is generally not meant as a compliment!

As red is warming it can be used where there is coldness, whether physical or emotional in nature. Because of its strength most people find red easier to use as a feature color. A completely red room conjures up the description of Cruella de Vil’s dining room with its stifling heat from Dodie Smith’s 101 Dalmatians to my mind! Red used as a feature wall or in cushions, curtains, rugs or bedding can be stimulating without being overpowering. Similarly red can be a bit strong for many people to wear top to toe, but some red accessories are easier to cope with. My color advice for people with cold extremities is to wear red socks and gloves.

Red gives us ‘get up and go’ and lust for life. If there has been listlessness or low energy then red is a good choice. You can eat red foods to increase your vitality and passion for living. Many juicy berry fruits are red, such as strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and redcurrants. You could of course go down the route of red wine and rare steaks, just don’t overdo these!

We carry the vibration of red in our life blood. Red can also be used to indicate danger. If we ignore red stop signs we could literally lose our life blood as an immediate consequence. This shows us the survival nature of red and its vital importance to our physical existence. Anaemia is caused by a lack of iron in the blood, yet often the problem isn’t lack of iron in the diet, but its absorption. Working with red may help the body utilise iron. 

Excessive red behaviour can manifest as loudness, boasting or even aggression. Red is not a good color choice if someone can’t relax, feels stressed, has anger issues, irritability, or has high blood pressure or a heart condition. It would be safer to use pink, which still contains red but is transformed into something gentler by the presence of white.

Red crystals include ruby, garnet and red jasper. Hematite may also be classed as red in its action as it is iron rich and oxidises red. All of these stones are stimulating and supportive of physical vitality. They are usually excellent choices for strengthening the base chakra and you can carry or wear red crystals to boost your energy levels.

Divine Guidance for those Awakening Now

Posted on July 15, 2012 at 6:36 AM Comments comments (0)
This is a channelled message for those who are undergoing a spiritual awakening. I hope you find it helps:

Be at peace and know that I AM. I AM within you as I AM within ALL. My energy flows through every insect, every organism, every Being in the World and ALL is WELL. 

Through your narrow perspective you perceive strife, business as usual on Planet Earth, yet underneath it all lies perfection and an unfolding of my energy. Nothing is ever truly destroyed, only transmuted into other forms. The energy is still there enduring. 

When people do what you see as wrong they are following their ego mind. It is part of the learning process like falling down countless times as you learn to walk. Some humans take longer than others to let go of their ego mind and trust their inner spirit, the Divine force of Light within them as within everyone. Can you see how the process unfolds over many lifetimes? You must make errors to find the way.

The perfect template is always there if you go within, but first you try to focus outwards and change the world without changing yourselves. This is futile and doomed to failure in the long term.

Think of a baker baking bread. First he must prove the dough. Only when it is risen can he bake it. Changing the outer before working on the inner is like trying to bake unproven dough. The results are unsatisfactory and fall flat. It is too dense; the creations lack space and Light in their matrix. 

Read the rest of the guidance here

Being Satisfied with Enough

Posted on June 17, 2012 at 8:33 AM Comments comments (1)
I've been getting guidance lately about appreciating what I already have. It is great advice on all levels. Here's my latest article for Bellaonline applying the guidance to physical possessions:

At what point do you decide you have enough stuff? In Western countries that feeling of being satisfied with what you have is not encouraged, yet most of us have far more possessions than our grandparents or great grandparents and much, much more than people in less affluent cultures. So why do we continually try to accumulate more?

As a society I feel we truly are starving in a sea of plenty. We can change the level of satisfaction we have in our material lives simply by changing our perceptions, by looking through a different lens. I believe that if we fully appreciate what we already have then our feelings of material neediness will evaporate and contentment will take their place.

We are bombarded with advertising images whose job is to persuade us that our lives would be so much better if we owned a certain product, looked a certain way, or visited a particular place. Companies have to convince us that we are unfulfilled without their product and that it would enhance our lives, otherwise why would we buy? If we are happy with what we already have the adverts would have little impact. Contentment is an advertising executive’s nightmare!

The idea that our source of happiness lies in owning more things is a cultural trance that we can choose to wake up from. Happiness and material possessions do not go hand in hand. We only need to look at the high rate of depressive illness in consumerist cultures to know that more possessions do not equal contentment. 

Compulsive shopping, like other compulsions such as comfort eating, is a way of suppressing a deeper unhappiness that comes from within and which needs listening to, not papering over with more stuff. In the UK there have been several television programmes about hoarders who try to cover up their unhappiness with a mountain of material possessions. Without exception the hoarders have experienced traumatic life events which they have not processed and they have surrounded themselves with things to insulate against the pain. Of course this strategy doesn’t work, the issue is still there and at the very least the hoarding clutters up their available living space; at worst it can even become life threatening as hoarders have been known to be crushed or trapped under their own collapsing piles of possessions.

Of course most people do not let material goods take over their lives to that extent, however how many of us have thought that if we just had that particular tv/camera/dress/perfume/car then life would be so much better and more satisfying? When we give in to temptation and buy the desired item there is usually a brief euphoric rush, but it doesn’t take long for that high to fade. Depending on how much real satisfaction and usage there is in the item the pleasure ebbs away and you are back to the same emotional state you were in before you made the purchase.

We do not have to buy into this mass illusion. We can choose to wake up out of the cultural trance and look at our lives and our possessions with clear eyes. I believe most people in the West are not lacking material goods, on the contrary most people are suffering from too much stuff! All those possessions tie up our energy circuits and keep us from focussing on what is really important in life.

Take stock of what you possess right now. Close your eyes and take your mind from room to room looking at all the things you own, not just the things you like, everything. Make a mental inventory. You’ll probably notice that you already have a lot of stuff! You may even notice a desire to lighten the load!

Ask yourself:
Do I feel grateful for my material possessions? Do I truly appreciate them?

Do I make the most of what I already have? 

Do I look after my stuff? 

Do I have things I don’t use that I’m ready to pass on to someone who could use them?

A good affirmation to work with is "I always have enough." Working to install this belief counteracts a habitual 'needing more' mindset. Next time you want to buy something non-essential check in with yourself:

Do I already have one or more of these?

Do I need this item? Really? Why?

What do I expect this item to add to my life? 

Am I buying this because I expect it to make me a happier and more fulfilled person? Is that likely? 

Pause before you purchase and make sure that you aren’t trying to fulfil an emotional need with a material thing. If you are ready to release loads of stuck energy by having a big clear out then I can heartily recommend Karen Kingston's book Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui to motivate you.

Copper and Crystal Wands

Posted on April 9, 2012 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (0)

These are the latest wands from my husband Steve, the Copperwitch. They were much admired at our latest show:

copper and crystal wandcopper and crystal wandThis one has a masculine energy with a rutilated quartz point at the tip, a double terminated Tibetan Black quartz at the centre and a labradorite base. 45 cm long. £90

This one has a feminine energy with a fairy quartz point at the tip, a double terminated Tibetan Black quartz at the centre and a moonstone base. It was made on the last Full Moon. £90

Steve likes making to commission, so if you have ideas for something unique let him know.

Beacons of Light

Posted on April 8, 2012 at 5:53 AM Comments comments (0)
I had a lovely day yesterday at the Beacons of Light Fair in Brecon. It was the first MBS fair I'd taken my stall to for a few years as I got a little jaded with them (well I do sell crystals!) Yesterday's was refreshing. Friendly stallholders and a harmonious atmosphere. 

It was delightful to see so many of my students old and new who made the effort to come along & see me & lovely to see some that I haven't taught for years. At one stage a lady at my stall said, "Is there anyone here you don't know Lauren?" It felt like that at some points in the day! 

Many people whom I hadn't met before stopped by the stall and chatted crystals. I know a few of these new faces are coming to study with me and I'm really looking forward to working with them.

It just shows what a rest can do. When you get tired of something and it becomes 'same old, same old' put it down for a while if you can. Once you've had a break you'll either come back with renewed enthusiasm, or decide it isn't for you any more and that's fine too.

Trusting Your Intuition

Posted on March 27, 2012 at 10:13 AM Comments comments (0)
Here's my latest article for Bellaonline:

What is intuition? Literally it is tuition that comes from within! We each have the ability to ‘intuit’ the right response for ourselves in any given situation, providing we take notice of our own inner guidance.

We are used to looking outside of ourselves for answers, especially in this Information Age. We search for pearls of wisdom on the internet, refer to books, ask our friends, defer to our teachers, yet we forget that we have our own ‘onboard’ source of guidance which we can hone to be a trustworthy compass through life.

In Western culture we are schooled from an early age to stuff our heads with facts and then use reason and logic to figure out what to do. This is not without some value, but when we become locked into our logical thought processes we forget that we also have access to an inner knowing. We tend to devalue or dismiss our intuitive hunches.

People refer to ‘feminine intuition’. Perhaps this is because girls are often allowed to express their feelings more freely than boys. Women are more likely to sense intuitively if something ‘feels off’ or ‘feels right’ whereas men will tend to logic their way through a given situation. Women generally have an easier time developing their intuition because of this gender difference, but men can still be very intuitive if they give themselves permission to sense in this way.

When you start becoming more intuitive a little tussle will probably take place between your intuition and your rational mind. Your logical mind will tend to overrule your intuition and tell you that you are being foolish, however when you learn to trust your intuition you will see how often your reasoning mind gets it wrong. Your intuition is aligned to Truth and a higher knowing and is not susceptible to the vagaries of the mind.

So how do you learn to listen to your intuition? In a given situation where you don’t know what to do for the best set aside a quiet time and meditate. Don’t consciously think about the issue, just go quiet and let yourself be still and peaceful. You will probably find that within minutes of quiet sitting you have an inner knowing of what your right action will be. Your intuition is available for you all the time, but it gets drowned out by your much louder thought processes. Go within regularly and contact your own intuitive wisdom. 

You especially need to learn to tune into your first subtle response to any situation, especially something new, whether that is an offer of a job, a meeting with a new person, a new venture. Do you sense you should move towards it or away from it? Does it feel good for you or bad for you? Your intuitive response usually comes in lightning fast; you sense a situation before you have time for thought to kick in. The skill is to pay attention to what you are sensing. 

For example back in my twenties when I was pregnant with my daughter I joined a mother and baby class. There was a woman there who lived around the corner from me. My intuitive reaction to her was not good, she made me feel wary and I actually had, “Keep away, she’s insane,” flit through my mind. Yet she seemed friendly and chatty and suggested we met for coffee. To cut a long story short we quickly became close friends and saw each other several times a week for months after our babies were born. Within a year it became apparent that she was an unstable and possessive lady, insanely jealous of my other friends and she ended the friendship by sending me a shocking poison pen letter.

Why did I override my intuition? I could have saved myself a lot of grief had I taken note! My rational mind said, “She’s okay, it will be nice for you to have a friend with a baby the same age, give her a chance she only lives round the corner, that’s handy for you.” I was in a social situation where edging discreetly away didn’t make any sense on the surface, yet it would have been much wiser! 

I have noticed that on the other occasions in my life where I have failed to listen to my intuition I have lived to regret it. Look back through your own life and see where you could have followed your intuition, but went against it. Don’t do this to beat yourself up, but to realise that your intuition does work and you would be wise to pay more attention to it.

Back in Glastonbury

Posted on March 26, 2012 at 1:13 PM Comments comments (0)
It was super to be teaching back in Glastonbury this weekend. I met some lovely new prospective students, both for my next Glastonbury group starting at the end of April and for my classes back in Mid Wales! There were some profound shifts of energy, even though these were only taster sessions. 

It was a delight to see some familiar faces too, thank you for making the special effort to come and see know who you are ;)

After class on Saturday I went for a wander around Wells, which is only a short trip from Glastonbury. The cathedral frontage is awe inspiring and the Bishop's Palace looks amazing from the moat and the outer walls. I was too late to look inside, but must visit another time! 

Special Crystal Therapy Taster Sessions in Glastonbury

Posted on March 16, 2012 at 4:19 AM Comments comments (73)
Come and meet me in Glastonbury, get a taste of my teaching style or chat to me about crystal therapy!

Saturday 24th March
10am -1pm Taster Session for the TSCT Crystal Therapy Diploma
£10 per person

2pm - 4pm Drop in Session
Come and ask questions about the course, chat to me about your crystals or training as a healer.

Sunday 25th March
10am-1pm Taster Session for the TSCT Crystal Therapy Diploma
£10 per person

Prior booking not necessary for any of these sessions!

Venue for all three sessions is the Miracles Room in the Glastonbury Experience Courtyard which can be found on Glastonbury High Street. 
BA6 9DU if you use a Satnav.